September Cravings – Bits and bobs for our new flat

1,5 months until we get our key for our first flat. With that in my mind I started looking for some highlight pieces for our new flat. I already have everything from a hover to a shovel, from cutlery to glasses and from chairs to a table.

The other day when we were at Olivia and Christian, they gave each other their morning gift and it was a hanging tent. It looks absolute hilarious and comfy. Olivia told me that they got it on Westwing. I noticed it, but didn’t care a lot about it, until Ursula told me that it would save me a lot of money if I don’t look on their site.

You can guess what I did…of course I checked their homepage and fell in love instantly.

Korb-Set in schwarz / Puderzucker-Streuer Lola / Aufbewahrungsdosen-Set Sheer / Läufer Gwen

xox Mel

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