Let’s start with the basics. My name is Mel and I am an Austrian based lifestyle blogger. If you love everything from travels, fashion, recipes and DIY to everyday life you are dead right.

To choose a name for my blog was easy, as I don’t have a certain style or topic. I keep coming up with a different view every other day and you can see that in my outfits, interior, my taste in music and movies and recipes.

I started Mel differently minded in July 2015 to keep track of the things I love and which inspire me and to have sort of a diary.

The idea of having a platform of my life in pictures and written word was appealing to me, because I never had a diary back when I was a teenager. I took the chance and signed up at WordPress. First I had a hassle to get into it, but with the help of my boyfriend, who is an engineer in IT, it wasn’t that bad to set up my blog. Soon after that I discovered Bloglovin’ (I truly love to explore all the lovely blogs out there) and Twitter. I also set up an Instagram and Facebook account, as it seemed to be important and professional and I love scrolling through my feed.

I decided to write in english to improve my skills. Please forgive me if I make any spelling mistakes. Another reason why I decided to write in english is because of my love for Great Britain. I was sent to Eastbourne when I was a teenager to enhance my language skills. And there I found the most incredible and loving host family what a young and frightened young girl could ask for. 19 years later and I call it my 2nd home with my 2nd family.

Some random facts about me:
  • I clean everything with disinfectant
  • When I have a new book I open it and smell it. If it smells good I know it’s a good book, if not it’s crap.
  • And I read books on my kindle to keep my hard cover books from damage
  • Homeware stores, you literally have to drag me out, I need to have all the essential and needless tools for my kitchen, no matter if I will ever use them or not
  • I baby-talk to my two black cats and all other animals, but not to babies

    If you are still curious, just drop me a line on meldifferentlyminded [at] gmail.com.

    The easiest way to see my posts and follow me is through Bloglovin’.

    But you can follow me on Instagram to see what I do all day long or on Twitter, although I’m new to it and it seems a little complicated to me. And finally you can join me on Facebook.

    If you don’t like these social media tools, hit the “Follow me” button in my sidebar to get email updates on my posts.

    It’s a pleasure that you are all a part of my journey.

    xox Mel


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