The Bride and her Bridesmaids V.01 – Hen Night in Prague

For Nina’s Hen Night we made a trip to Prague in the Czech Republic. Nina hasn’t been there before and so she thought it would be a nice getaway for us.

The Bridesmaids met before to decorate the cars with the typical Hen Night lettering and to Isi’s horror we put nosegay’s of lavender on each side (she absolutely hates lavender). We also had glitter bombs to shoot and tiaras when we were picking Nina up.

The Bride and six Bridesmaids drove north to Prague. With a little stop we arrived after 3 hours at our hotel a little outside of the center, but it was perfect in the crowded heat to escape from the busy streets of Prague.

After we settled ourselves to our rooms, we met in Nina’s suite because it has a living room and we could all celebrate the weekend trip and play a few games with her. She wouldn’t have thought that we hadn’t planned anything. 😉 First things first we drank champagne with violets.

We made up our minds in advance what we could play with Nina. We wouldn’t either play some drinking games or games where she felt awkward with. I have no pics to show you. All I can say it was funny and the games were matching her education.

The next day we needed relaxation at the indoor swimming pool of the hotel. It was on the top of the hotel with glas fronts. Perfect for curing our hang over from last night, where the party went a little wild. And Nina got her glasses cleaned the special way.

None of us had ever been to Prague apart from Isi, who was there with her company. Hungry for the city and some good food we got ourselves dressed and headed for a “Hop on Hop off tour” as it was boiling hot in the city and with our heads still sore from the night before it was easier to be in a comfy bus with air condition.

The Hard Rock Café was our next stop after a little more sightseeing in Old Town Prague.

It was one of those evenings you wish it would never end. The time for us was perfect. We chose the right restaurant, the right bar and the right time for all of it. At the Hard Rock Café we had aching tummies and cheeks from all the laugh.

Unfortunately every evening has to end and so we strolled through the little alleys to the famous Charles Bridge and finally to a tube station to get back to the hotel.

Everything has to come to an end, also our limited time together as unmarried girls. I can say, even two and a half years later, that it was one of my best journeys ever. The three days were amazing. We cried of laughter, shared our memories and got together as a group even more. Thanks girls for this lovely weekend and especially Nina for choosing me as a Bridesmaid.

xox Mel

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