The wonderful Life of my AS98 Sandals

Today I wanna share my love for my AS98 sandals with you. As you know from my previous post I do love the brand.

I bought this sandals together with 5 others a few months ago. I know that sounds much, but I only buy shoes once a year. Ok, if I run into some must-haves which I need to have, I get them too. 😉 But usually I do only buy shoes once a year.

The engineer is no great help either to stop me from spending so much money. He is not the typical grumpy boyfriend when it comes to shopping. His approach is to get what you want, because you can’t take the money into the grave. Sounds strange and it is a little strange. But he presents me with a lot of things and so it’s easier for me to surf around the (online) stores.

AS98 Sandals

The sandals itself are supercomfy as all my AS98 shoes. I think they only produce shoes with the intention to make you feel like you are in your slippers at home. They are a flip-flop style, made out of leather and the sole feels like there’s an aircushion in it. They have twisted leatherbands with little golden details at the end. At the ankle the leather is silver, but it all has a used look, which I love. You can easily walk all day long in them. I like to wear them with skirts, leggings, dresses and jeans. They go along with every kind of clothing, making it either girlish or more for my type – a little more twisted into the biker-girl impression.

xox Mel

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