Rachel Antonoff Swiss Dot Dress or my favorite summer dress

It’s Friday and hopefully everyone will enjoy a nice weekend. I’m off to Eastbourne to visit friends, but I wanna show you what easily became my favourite dress in no time at all.

I ordered this Rachel Antonoff Swiss Dot Dress on & Other Stories a few weeks ago. Lucky me, it was on sale, so it was obvious for me to give this charming dress a new home.

The package came within a few days, but unfortunately I wasn’t at home as it arrived but the engineer was.

He took pictures of the dresses and sent them to me while I had to hold the training at work. (Well I ordered a few more, that I’m going to post soon)

As soon as I got the first message from him I knew that was going to be funny. His definition of the summer dress was so funny to read. He described it with words like airy, fluffy, soft and like linen. To be honest after this statement I was a little worried and couldn’t wait to come home the next day to try it on.

When I tried it on it was clear that this is going to be my work-shopping-dinner date-cooking at home-going out dress. It fits.I like to wear it with the buttons open because the image of the good girl doesn’t fit me. It has a blue collar and is not pure white. I would say it looks like a dirty white (some may say it’s ivory or some sort of eggshell) with little blue and red dots made out of fabric on it.

You are perfectly dressed for a day at the office and after-work drinks. Personally I love dresses or all kind of clothing whats perfect for during the day and also for a dinner date or Cocktailtime. I don’t have the time to get home and get changed, so I just put a little more mascara on and I’m good to go.

xox Mel

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