My new HP Spectre X 360

Today I want to show you my brand new laptop. It was time to get my hands on a new computer as my old one is a 17” inch Toshiba and really heavy. Despite it was an old laptop it was or is in a good condition after the engineer made some software updates and cleaned my hard disk.HP Spectre X 360

I struggled with myself for a few months before taking the money to buy a new laptop. For me it had to be a little portable device, so I can take it with me in my handbag. Also I want to take it with me when I travel and with 1,5 kilos it’s perfect to carry around. Soon I had made my decision for a 13” inch gadget. Now it was time to think about a brand. I hate Apple so a Mac Book pro wasn’t something I would have looked for. My Toshiba performed always to my content, but there was no good offer. Hewlett-Packard was my weapon of choice so I decided to go once again with this brand. I told the engineer to look for a little convertible laptop.HP Spectre X 360

After a little while we found a HP Spectre X 360. I can tell you it was the right choice. I love this tiny but not too tiny laptop. It’s fast, it’s silent, it’s fantastic.

When I laid my hands on it last Friday I was shocked but in a positive way, about the feeling. As it’s made of aluminium it feels smooth and cold. The keyboard is silent and I love the buttons as the pressure is just perfect. The touchpad was something I had to get used to, because I always use a mouse at work.HP Spectre X 360HP Spectre X 360

I definitely can recommend this laptop. Although I only have it for a few days, I can say that I love it.

xox Mel

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