The Engineers Coffee Maker and Birthday Bash

In September the engineer celebrated his 30th birthday. He wasn’t very pleased that he was “forced” into a big party with family and friends, but in the end it turned out to be a lovely evening. And for his parents, my parents and me it was important to have this special day to give him his present. I tell you it was one of my complicated and irritating experiences to get this present. But first things first.Dinner TableDinner TablePunschkrapferlBirthday Cake

The engineer lusted for an espresso machine as long as I know him. And that’s a few years now. Every time we were in Vienna we had to go to the electronic store where he was standing in front of the espresso machines and philosophized about the different features this particular coffee maker has. Literally we were looking at this chrome part for hours. Ok, for me it felt like hours. I’m not a fan of this espresso makers anyway as I know them from the coffee shops and the waiters tend to make a lot of noise when knocking the grounded coffee out of the strainer. And I don’t drink coffee. I love a good cuppa. I bet you all know the familiar sound and the smell of fresh grounded coffee. Just imagine you hear that sound at 6 in the morning. NO WAY!!!Coffee MakerCoffee Maker

As the perfect girlfriend I am I thought about getting him a coffee maker for his 30th birthday? I checked his favourite brand and searched the internet for the cheapest offer. Amazon won. As it was really expensive I asked our parents if they want to share the amount with me. They both said yes and I ordered it back in July. There was one problem when it arrived – I’m a tea drinking girl and have no clue how to make coffee with this machine or how it has to taste. The engineers Dad was so kind and helped me out with trying this coffee maker. Unfortunately it wasn’t working and I needed a new plan. Soon his Dad made an offer to search for another machine in Vienna as he knows a lot of people from his years in the catering trade. To make a long story short from end of July until the end of September the brand and the coffee maker itself changed about 5 times. Now I have a better relationship with his Dad than with the engineer. Anyway, at least we got the right one just in time for his birthday.Steff and Fleur

The first to come was Olivia although she made us believe that she was a weekend trip with her husband. We couldn’t believe she didn’t say a word two days before, when I got Michis present. Within one hour it was packed with his family and friends. Dinner time. We had a variety of soups, roast, fried fish, fried shrimp and the Austrian traditional meal “Wiener Schnitzel” of course.Birthday Cake

After that it was my go on saying a few words to Michi and give him his present. I believe he was amazed, as there wasn’t only the coffee maker itself, but also a coffee grinder, coffee and a lot of equipment as a silver temper for the strainer. Although he hates to unpack presents in front of people as he is always afraid of his reaction to them. You know the typical what if…I don’t like it, I absolutely hate it and they know then?Birthday Kid

Time to come to the birthday cake. His aunt baked him a personalized cake with his favourite band logo on it. The Social Distortion logo was made to perfection. Everyone was stunning at the cake. The best thing, it tasted lovely.Birthday Cake

There was a lot of laughter and chatting the entire evening and night and after midnight we made our way home. Totally exhausted with a happy engineer on board.

xox Mel

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