Bella and Tonks – The two Black Devils

Today I introduce you my two furry black brats named Bella and Tonks. My two little devils mean the world to me and I would do everything for them.Bella and TonksBella and Tonks

How I made the decision to get two cats?

I had a cat named Roxy for 15 years and she died from cancer 2009. It was a hard last way to the vet. I could tell that she knew what was going on when I drove with her to the doctor to put her to sleep. But she was in pain and it was, in this case, the best what we could do for her. I know that she is now happy in pet heaven and running around with her furry friends.Bella and TonksBella and Tonks

It took me 2 years before I even could think about getting another cat. But I felt something is missing in my life without a pet. I started searching the internet for a domestic cat and no purebred cat. First I couldn’t afford a purebred cat and second I loved Roxy so much and she was from friends who always had baby cats and gave them to neighbours and friends.Bella and TonksBella and TonksBella and Tonks

I kept looking and one day I saw an ad for 2 black kittens. I called the woman and she told me that their Mum died when they were 2 weeks old. Immediately I felt the urge to help them and made an appointment with her a few hours later. I jumped in my car and 1,5 hours later I saw the black furry whining baby cats. The Lady told me that they are about 6 weeks old and she still feeds them with a flask with milk. I sat on the floor and waited if they would come to get to know me. And luckily they did. I took them home with a lot of milk powder and baby cat food.Bella and TonksBella and TonksBella and TonksBella and TonksBella and Tonks

The first few weeks were a hard time because they needed food every 2-3 hours and after their meal they needed a good belly rub for going to the toilet. I must admit I imagined it to be more exhausting, but it wasn’t. You easily get the routine and they give you so much love.Bella and TonksBella and TonksBella and Tonks

These are the pictures of their first day in their new home. Now after 4,5 years I’m moving to another flat, which will be bigger and a big big balcony where they can play and run around chasing each other.Bella and TonksBella and TonksBella and Tonks

Oh, I forgot to tell you why I named them Bella and Tonks. I’m a big Harry Potter Fan and first I wanted to name one Lucius Malfoy, but they were both girls. I made up my mind and it was Bellatrix Le Strange and Nymphadora Tonks. As I knew it before, the names fit perfectly for them. Bella is always a little evil and kinky, on the other side there is Tonks who is cuddly and always good for a funny moment.Bella and TonksBella and TonksBella and Tonksxox Mel

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