The Bride and her Bridesmaids V.01 – The Wedding

The Bride and her BridesmaidsTime was rushing and the BIG DAY was here. First in the morning we were picked up to go to the hairdresser. I still think this was one of the best ideas ever. It gives the bride and her friends so much needed alone time before all the fever starts. We enjoyed our time with Nina at the hairdresser and prattled until we were back at her parents house, where she hopped into her dress.The Bride and her BridesmaidsThe Bride and her BridesmaidsThe Bride and her BridesmaidsThe Bride and her BridesmaidsEveryone of us shed a tear when we first saw Nina in her stunning dress. For me it was like saying good bye to one of my best friends. Although she already had her baby girl Iris it was something totally different to see her in the gown. I knew it wouldn’t be same again. No more nights were we would watch tv shows with dubbing and snoozing away on her couch. Or going out and after coming home turning Dirty Dancing on to fast-forward to the good songs and the best scenes and talking with the actors. Don’t get me wrong I’m feel happy for her, but I think that’s part of being an adult or becoming an adult.The BrideThe BrideIsn’t she a absolutely stunning bride? The BrideBy the time we were all dressed it was time to go to the register office. There was a band with bagpipes which gave us all goosebumps while getting ready for Nina and her dad to arrive.BagpipesBagpipesThe BridesmaidsThe Bride and her dadWe all were amazed how touching this moment was, when her dad escorted her inside.The Bride and her BridesmaidsThe ceremony was touching and tender-hearted. It was hard not to burst in tears and sobbing all through the speech of the marriage registrar.The Wedding RingsThe CeremonyThe Bridesmaids waited until all of the guest complimented them. And then it was our turn to wish both of them all the best.The Bride and her BridesmaidsThe Bride and the GroomThe Groom and the BridesmaidsThe Bride and the Groom with the BridesmaidsThe Groom and the BridesmaidsWe told Stefan that he has to treat her like a goddess, if not we are coming after him punching him with our flowers.The Groom and the BridesmaidsSome fixing had to be done on the dresses.Me and IsiThe photograph caught me changing my high heels to chucks.Me changing high heels to chucksMe changing high heels to chucksMe changing high heels to chucksThe Wedding reception was as beautiful as the newlyweds.The BridesmaidsThe Bridesmaids

With this post I want to say a big thank you to Nina and Stefan for having me as one of the Bridesmaids. I know Nina for over a decade (I always wanted to write this) now and she is always on my side, no matter what. We laughed, cried, giggled, were silly and had endless conversations about everything and even more.

I love you Nina for being my friend for so long. And I hope that there are many more years of laughter and your advice.The Newlyweds with the Bridesmaids

xox Mel

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