The Bride and her Bridesmaids V.01

Two years to the day we celebrated Ninas and Stefans Wedding. Therefore I wanna show you our shopping trip to Vienna to get our Bridesmaids dresses. Nina asked us if we would like to take the chance having a whole day for us girls and shop the dresses all together. We were excited and planned a date. For breakfast we visited the “Motto am Fluss” in Vienna. Chatting and giggling all the way through our breakfast we nearly forgot why we came to Vienna for.

We walked through the first district to the Kärntner Strasse. Peek & Cloppenburg was our destination to shop for our dresses. Nina told us in which colours she would like to see us. As we were getting hydrangeas for the Wedding she wanted muted colours for our dresses.

We went straight for the ball gown department and flicked through the range of different dresses. We insisted on trying on the worst dresses we could find. That’s what we came up with. Sorry for the blurry pictures, but they were taken with my old phone.

What Nina and we didn’t expect was that we came all up with the same dress while poking for dresses. Funny enough that after a few minutes we all had the same dress to ask Nina for her approval. We tried them on and 20 minutes later we all had our dress.

Happy as little kiddies for Christmas we drove home to celebrate this lovely day which was filled with laughter and happiness.

xox Mel

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