Karl (Lagerfeld) and me

My first designer dress and it’s from Karl Lagerfeld. What should I tell you, I’m not the “designer” girl, but as I recently discovered Karl Lagerfeld’s collection I was surprised that he is doing such gothic inspired clothes. Honestly, I didn’t know that, so don’t judge me. I’m not the girly girl that looks cute in nice little dresses, although I wish I would. (My friends keep telling me that my face will always scream “Here I am and I will take the piss out of you”) Maybe one day I will manage to look just as pretty as Julia from Gal meets Glam. She always looks so neat, pretty and ladylike.

But lets get on with the dress. It was on sale and so I ordered my first designer dress. When it came in the post I immediately tried it on, just to wipe away my cats hairs. But I tell you it’s also a good dress to clean up your house.

The fabric feels like silk and it falls like the Alice in Wonderland dress in the scene where Alice shrinks in the room with the doors before she enters Underland. Since I watched this movie for the first time I always wanted a dress which falls in the exact same way. It’s hard to describe but it’s smooth like silk and makes little “puffs” when it hits the floor. Oh my I love it. The black cupro fabric is soft and is complimenting your body shape. I love the blue lining from the collar down to the end. You can wear the sleeves up, because it has little buttons to secure them, so they won’t fall down again or you just wear it with the sleeves down. I paired the Karl Lagerfeld with my AS98 High Heels which seemed perfect to me to go along with this dark gothic-like style.

xox Mel

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