Sunny Valley (Eyewear)

Valley Eyewear makes the most dreadful sunglasses ever. I first spotted them on Kat von D’s instagram account. I followed them for a little while before I checked their homepage to see if the specs are in my budget. But luckily they were.

While strolling on their homepage I came across the Black Leather Wolves. I was in love at first sight, but hesitated because of the price.

Again the engineer listened to me and told me to order them. I wasn’t sure, what if they are not looking this good? What if they don’t fit? But after all I ordered them.

And here they are…wrapped in black leather, shaped like a cateye and with black Carl Zeiss glasses.

I think I will order the Scapula sooner or later. I like the big round shape. It reminds me a little bit of John Lennon but with a mondern twist.

xox Mel

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