Mo(nth)ments October

It’s time to sum up the last month, which flew by. There was so much to do and so much work. October started very relaxed after we came back from London and the Florence and the Machine concert.

Here are a few pics of my hometown, where I strolled around waiting for the engineer picking me up.Monthments 10-2015 a-5Monthments 10-2015 a-4Monthments 10-2015 a-3Monthments 10-2015 a-2Monthments 10-2015 a-1

And here we go a little sneak peek of our new flat, where we checked if the flooring was done right.Monthments 10-2015 a-6

On our way to paint the last planks I found this little guy. I named him Sigi the seahorse.Monthments 10-2015 a-9

The engineer posed on our planks because he needed to rest before he started working. And always having a cigarette in his mouth.Monthments 10-2015-3Monthments 10-2015-4Monthments 10-2015-5Monthments 10-2015-9

But he was Mister nice guy as always and gave me a daisy.Monthments 10-2015-2

By the time we came home we saw a lovely sunset.Monthments 10-2015-6Monthments 10-2015 a-7

This month I had a serious case of tomato cravings. I don’t know why but I never quite liked tomatoes but the last four weeks I eat as many as I could.Monthments 10-2015 a-16Monthments 10-2015-7Monthments 10-2015 a-8

I also lusted for sushi. I mean who doesn’t like sushi. Fresh raw fish is the best thing ever.Monthments 10-2015-8Monthments 10-2015 a-18Monthments 10-2015 a-17Monthments 10-2015-10

The mister treated me with some candies he got me when he was shopping with his Mum. I can’t remember them being so sour when I was a kid.Monthments 10-2015 a-12Monthments 10-2015 a-13

Here is my cup which I got from my mate at work. I thought it was lost for such a long time.Monthments 10-2015 a-14

Wonderful nature got me some butt pears this month.Monthments 10-2015-11

And the last two pics are from todays breakfast. I love my new cups from IKEA. They look absolutely lovely. It reminds me of my Grandmothers plates and cups. Tonks was watching rather uninterested taking photos of her.Monthments 10-2015 a-20Monthments 10-2015 a-19

So happy Halloween guys.

xox Mel

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