Khao Lak – September 2013

The first holiday with the engineer and we ended up with Thailand. It left us both speechless from its beauty and kindness. The fear of the hot food was totally for nothing. And to be honest I had to face that in Thailand are many more insects than in Austria. But only one flying Flip (grasshopper) on our balcony and one gigantic spider on the way to the ATM crossed our ways.

The first couple of days we were amazed with the amenities of the hotel and the absolut stunning view of the sunset. The Thai’s are such a lovely and kind nation. No wonder that it’s called the Land of Smile.

We took a trip with a longtailboat to the Ao phang-nga national park. Our guide showed us the mangrove forest first before the scenery opened up to the dazzling, marvelous and breathtaking Andaman Sea with its limestone tower karsts and beautiful caves. We were dropped of the Khao Phing Kan to get a glimpse of the Ko Tapu or better known as “James Bond Island”. After this crowded island, were every woman played Ursula Andress we drove off like Rambo with our longtailboat to some sort of ferry. We squeezed us in a kayak and the guide paddled away with us to caves which opened up to amazing spots where you were completly alone. It was like the world stood still only to let us absorb the beauty of this staggering place. For Lunch we visited Ko Panyi, a fishing village built on stilts in the middle of the nationalpark. It was an overflow of aromas and impressions in the tiny alleys. There I had the best scrambled egg of the world.

After this long day of breathtaking impressions we went exhausted back to the hotel to enjoy the rest of our stay. Too soon we had to say goodbye to this wonderful place and the amazing food, but we already knew that we would come back soon.

And on our last day the engineer found something special on the toilets at the hotel. 😉

xox Mel

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